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Firstly, I would like to start by apologizing as I delayed the 2nd part of Saputara Vlog. The reason for the delay again is my interminable sickness, which refuses to settle down completely for once and for all. 
So, now that I’m feeling a tad-bit better and very happy to be back to work and finally have the energy to do what I have been doing mentally even when I was bed-ridden. Moving on and coming to the brighter side of things. The 2nd part of the video has been uploaded now. If you have not read or seen the first part of the video. You can find it here.
The 2nd video is the 2nd and the final day of my trip. After we came back from the Sunset/ Sunrise point. We came to know that there was a point which is specifically assigned for sunrise point and that was a few kms away from this point. On reaching that point we came to know that, sunrise could not be witnessed that morning as it was very foggy and nobody witnessed the sunrise.
We came to the hotel, and had our breakfast. The breakfast was complimentary within our package. It was quite a good spread of healthy vegetarian breakfast. Post all of our daily chores, we went to visit Hatgadh fort. 
Hatgadh Fort is a historic monument located in Maharashtra ideally, however, just 5-6 kms away from Saputara which is in Gujrat. Saputara is ideally situated on the borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The roads towards the fort are really stoney hence, don’t think that you have gone astray. Don’t follow the map; as the direction towards the place is wrong. The path is straight from City-Centre. On the left hand side, you will find a gate-post, which is not very glorious to be identified easily. However, it is the only gate-post in the area, entry charges are Rs. 40 which you pay at the gate-post. Another 1 km of drive and you reach Hatgad Fort. It is really rocky, strong fort. I would say this is Saputara’s  one of the must-visit places. After you trek and reach on the top. You get to see the fort there are small ponds inside the fort. An open spread land with wild flowers grown all-over.
After that we went straight to Table Top. This place did not have much to offer rather than a few activities such as horse riding, paragliding, and carnival rides.
That day we covered Saputara Lake, Rose Garden and Sapro
Rose Garden is a good place if you have kids, they will enjoy a lot amidst flowers.
Saputara Lake is really beautiful, the water is clean and it is surrounded with beautiful flowers.
Talking about Sapro, it is similar to Mapro in Mahableshwar. It is a store which had lot of squashes, jellies, papads and jam.
I bought a lot of squashes and jam, which is quite good
There is a shop behind this place which sells a lot of bamboo items which are popular in this region. So Sapro is a thumbs up from my end. The shop had quite good items, but I personally felt, it was a little overpriced. 
I regret going on a two-day trip as a three-day trip would have been a good option. I feel you should spend at least 3 days. 

In my next blog; will discuss what I missed, what was worth it, what should be visited, the budget and everything related to the trip.

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