5 Aloe Vera Benefits for hair and Skin

by - November 23, 2019

I am a sucker for all things natural. The moment you say it is natural; then I am all sold. If you are like me who likes natural remedies rather than the cosmetics that we use everyday then this post is for you.

In today’s post we would talking about a miraculous plant which is none other than aloe vera, aloe vera has multiple properties, it acts a primer, moisturizer, aloe vera is used for dandruff, hair mask, longer stronger hair, acne, face burn, sun tan, hair dryness, hair mask and a hair leave in conditioner.

There are many DIY recipes for loner, thicker, luminous hair. Subsequently for acne, clear skin, removal of dark spots.

In today’s video we will learn all about the aloe vera benefits for face, skin, scalp, hair.

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Below is the succinct description of the video and also the links to buy these products

First one: - Perfect night cream with aloe vera, it is for soft and supple skin
Second one: - Foot cream, say hi to soft feet
Third one: - Natural deodorant: - say no to dark underarms.
Fourth One: - Tan Removal: - to remove that uneven tan that you got from the beaches
Hair Pack :- Aloe vera gel and Jamaican castrol oil for hair fall and hair thickening

Links for amazon
Coconut Oil :- This is relatively similar to what I used,
Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 4 Ounce
Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil (50ml) - Pack of 2
NAWAB Lavender Aroma / Diffuser / Scented / Fragrance Oil (15ml)

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  1. Aloe has so many great properties and I knew most of them but I have to confess that I haven't used it yet as a deosorant. Thanls for all these tips.

  2. I'm a huge DIY fan. That way you know what's in the product and I use natural products as well. I use it mainly for a facial or hair.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  3. Cool post and video!


    Kisses ;*

  4. Aloe really is a miracle plant! Thanks for sharing all these ideas!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Glad to know all benefits of aloe vera.

  6. I love Aloe Vera, I use it every day for my skincare routine. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  7. These products sounds amazing! Always looking for new ways to take care of my skin and hair.


  8. Hi! Aloe Vera is a fantastic natural remedie. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  9. Interesting post!!


  10. Hello!! what an interesting post!! thanks for sharing the information.


  11. This is so interesting. I didn't know that aloe vera have so many benefits for hair and skin. Thank you so much for sharing.

    New Post - http://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2019/11/salvatore-ferragamo-signorina-misteriosa_24.html

  12. I like your cute outfit in the photo! I really love leave in conditioner, it allowed me to grow my hair longer than ever. I also swear by Moroccan argan oil ;) I also drink aloe vera a few times a week! xx

  13. Aahh aloe vera is such a wonder!


  14. Using natural aloe vera is very good. It serves a lot and has good benefits for hair and skin.

  15. Always interesting... I love aloe vera!
    Kisses, Paola.


  16. Aloe vera is so good for your skin! They can be used in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  17. I love Aloe Vera, it's such a versatile plant and also a pretty house decor too :D


  18. Estás espectacular ! Todo divino! Feliz fin de semana! ☃️☃️☃️

  19. Wonderful photo and video. Interesting post dear!

  20. Aloe vera is the best for me :)

  21. I didn't realise how many amazing benefits there were to Alo!! And yes I am all for anything natural!


  22. Nice post.
    I know Aloe is good for the hair,
    didn't know its good for the skin too.


  23. I love aloe vera on my skin and hair care and I often use DIY methods too. I also love aloe vera for my body in tea and other drinks, it is very healthy.

  24. I use it everyday! love how fresh it feels on the skin!
    have a great week!

  25. I had no idea you could use aloe vera for your hair !i knew it was good on skin, for sunburn and things.

    Hope that your week is going well! It's a busy one here with lots of fun Christmas events :)

    Away From Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

  26. Wonderful post. I love using Aloe Vera on my hair.

  27. Nossa que artigo fantástico, por isso que estou quase todos os dias visitando e lendo seus artigos. Porque sempre tem conteúdos interessantes e de qualidade.

    Beijos❤️ !!

    Meu Blog: MaraCap