A day in Thalassery

by - September 20, 2019

Last week I had put up a video about my Thalassery trip. I for the first time vlogged the trip and had uploaded the video as well. Incase you have not seen it you can view it here

Initially,  my idea was to write a blog itself. But when I reached there, I gathered all the courage and thought I might start vlogging and learn. So, this the a detailed write up about my Thalassery trip.

Thalassery is a city on the Malabar Coast in Kannur district, in the state of Kerala.  Thalassery was a trade hub where Dutch, British, Portuguese Chinese, Arab, and Jewish traders had considerable influence in the spice market. Thalassery was one of the most important European trading centers of Kerala.

British opened a factory north of Thalassery . But the Udayamangalam branch of Kolathiri family and Korangoth Nair, the local chieftain resented this action and they attacked and caused serious damage to English property. In order to safe guard their trade activities with the support of the Kolathiri Raja they build a fort around the out laying hills of Thalassery 

Thalassery fort is a major sightseeing point in the city of Thalassery 

It is located at a distance of 1.5 km from the railway station. You can take an auto from the railway station or you can walk as well. We reached the fort at 9 am.  
The fort is a city view and a beach view, the beach view is not so visible. However, the city can be seen from the fort.

You can also see the canons inside the fort. The fort has lot of walking and climbing to do, so make sure y’all wear comfy footwear.

Incase you visit during the monsoon please walk carefully as on the stones moss is accumulated, which in turn makes it quite slippery. So please be very careful while walking.

The entire fort can be visited in 45 mins, you can also sit under the shade of trees, enjoying the breeze
Entry and exit to the fort are the same, once you come out, take left and then walk straight for 50 meters. 

You will spot Holy Rosary Church, also known as St. Rosario Church. Situated adjacent to the Thalassery Fort, along its Northwest, towards the sea, the church attracts visitors due to its historical significance and architectural marvel with unique stained-glass works brought from London. The church is established in the early 16th century.

We were not allowed to visit the church from the inside as entry is not allowed during afternoons.
Thalassery is ridiculously famous for it biryani so don’t miss out on that.

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  1. What a beautiful place! Your dress is so pretty and looks great against the backdrop of these photos.


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  3. What a wonderful place to visit...and such history too!!!
    I love that you got a treat afterwards!!

  4. thank you so much for discovering me this city. I didn't know nothing about it. You look so beautiful. Enjoy in your trip.

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  5. Thanks so much for the tour around Thalassery! I'm unfamiliar with this region and feel like I learned something new today :)

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  8. Hello!! an interesting post and great pictures. Thanks for sharing!!


  9. Awesome place to explore. I always love the architecture of churches.


  10. I did watch your video, great video about a beautiful part of Kerala.
    I like your outfit.
    And biryani looks yunny!

  11. estas muy guapa, y ese helado tiene que estar delicioso

  12. It looks like such a nice place to visit and walk around and you got some beautiful photos there, thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

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  14. Lovely place and beautiful dress! I love your hair babe!
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  16. What an amazing location and history Love your outfit, accessories and the food looks amazing too xoxo Cris

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  18. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  19. how beautiful it is 😍
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  20. The place is beautiful. I love your outfit too. Kisses

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