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Today’s post is going to be about my last trip, I visited the Statue of Unity, which is the tallest statue of the world. Statue of unity is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who is known as the Iron Man of India. He was India’s first home minister as well .

To reach the statue of unity, the nearest railway station would be the Vadodra Railway station and you can hire a cab or catch a bus directly from there. If you are coming by flight then Vadodra airport will be the nearest.

So, the statue is 182 m tall, I was informed that the height is based on the number of seats of Gujrat Legislative assembly (which is 182 seats). It is located on a river Island facing Sardar Sarovar Dam on river Narmada. We were informed that this river was ignored and lot of waste was accumulated and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the one who took incharge of the river and also this was his dream project. Now the river is clean and very benefical to the state. The statue is made facing the river in such a way that he is looking at his dream Project “Sardar Sarovar Dam.”

The Iron which was used in building this statue was also donated by farmers throughout the country, 135 metric scrap iron was collected throughout the country.

The statue is divided into 5 zones and upto 3rd zone is only accessible to the public. We went up the 3 rd zone which was on the 48th floor, need to really admire the functioning of the lifts there, we reached in a flash on the 3 rd zone.

They are building a railway station which will have statue of unity as the direct stop, boating facilities is also work in progress.

There are beautiful garden and lawns surrounding the statue.

Each zone has representatives who explain your everything about the statue.

We started our journey at 12pm, which was quite late, I would suggest starting early in the morning as the ticket counter gets closed by 5:30pm . So, when you start early you get ample of time to see the statue and also the dam. We could not go and see the dam as it had already past 5. We are very lucky as the climate was very pleasant and because of which even when we reached in the afternoon, we did not have to face the wrath of the heat.

You don’t have to worry about the traffic, as the roads are wide and broad and there is very little chance of a traffic jam. The roads are very well maintained as well.

Parking is also no issue as they taken care of that and everything is properly organized.

You have food court inside the campus, you can find your Mc Donalds, Subway etc. However, you can eat all this in your city as well. I would suggest y’all try the snacks severed by the local vendors there. Support small business out there. We saw a stall run by a lady and a small boy, they served hot dhoklas (a Gujrati delicacy) they were super super yummy. Also there are restaurants on the highway which serve delicious food.

We also took a helicopter ride and it was divine, through the forest, through the dam and passing nearly through the statue. Photography and videography of the helicopter ride was not allowed. Charges are Rs 3000/- per person for one ride.

Coming to my dress, I had a major faux pas with my dress, I had bought this dress a day before we left for our trip. I did not have time to try it on . So without trying wore the dress on that day. The dress being a short skater dress, I wore tighties inside it. OMG, the struggle I had with it, It kept of flying up and people kept on staring at me as if I was displaying some act, I had my stole for my rescue which i tied around my dress. It was kind of a relief as it still flew up but was kind of manageable. So please try to dresses before any trip.

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  1. This was so interesting for reading. I didn't know for Statua of Unity and how tall it is. Your photos are so beautiful and I'm happy to see that you have great time there.

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  2. Oh very great style darling
    Cute photos

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  3. Interesting post :) Great pictures!

  4. love the colors you are wearing!
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  5. Great post and I really love your vibrant dress <3

  6. Love that first cute!

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  7. The Statue of Unity is quite a marvel and visiting it sounds like quite an adventure. How cute are you in that pink dress!

  8. What a cool statue! I love your pink dress and thanks for sharing this unique place.

  9. Wow! This is an interesting place! Wonderful outfit!

  10. What a fun day! Love your look!
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  11. I've never heard of this statue before, it was so interesting reading your post!
    Great photos, you look so good dressed in bright colors!

  12. Wow I did't know the was the tallest sculpture in the world. Whoooee it is impressive, I bet even more so in person. You got some great shots though were you really see the immensity of it. And of course your bright pink dress was an excellent choice to wear on an outing like this!

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  13. these colours look fantastic on you, what a great place you visited too! <3

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  14. Cool post!

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  15. Woah this statue is huge! Love the bright color of your dress!

  16. It is great that you visited the Statue of Unity! It is so cool to hear about the history behind it. Wow, 48 floors is HIGH! Glad you had fun!

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  17. A helicopter ride huh! Wow, how exciting! Nice shots here and you look wonderful.

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  19. Nice pics. Love the colours in this look!

  20. Beautiful photos and amazing post! :)

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  22. A very colorful look for a rainy day ;)
    Looks like you had fun there!


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  27. This is such a wonderful post. I love your outfit.

  28. Your dress is so cute and vibrant, I adore it :)
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