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For my birthday, I had informed y’all that I was heading over for a mini vacation to Diu, which is a union territory near Gujrat. I thought of writing a blog instead of just writing an Instagram post for each location as that would do more justice and would be quite detailed out.

How to reach Diu,

There are buses which head over to DIU, also you could go in your private car if you’re a resident of Gujrat, else bus would be the best option to reach there.

How to commute within the city

Now DIU is mini Goa, as I would say. Just like Goa, you can rent a bike in DIU. And you can pretty much see the entire city on a motorbike. They charge you 800 INR(app 10$ USD) per day, and 3 days are more than enough to cover the entire city from all four corners..

Day 1 :-

We reached DIU in the morning at 8 o clock, hired a bike, went to the Hotel kept our luggage and headed out for breakfast, we did not have it at the hotel. We found a very nice place called where we had egg pie, bread and tea. I must say the food was too good. It was beyond amazing. We went back to hotel, freshened up, ordered lunch at the hotel (yes, we have huge appetites and tend to eat a lot :D) and left to explore.

We saw Nagoa beach, then went to Ghogla Beach, and then another beach which I can’t remember the name of, went over to the red wall which is the center of the city and few more random beaches, then we had dinner and called it a day.


We woke up early to stroll on the beach, the beach we went to was Jalandhar beach, then the adjacent fort . Went to Ghogla beach again for paragliding, as they allow paragliding only in the morning. Once we were done there we went to Naida Caves, which I would say is a must visit. Post which we went to DIU fort. This fort is the most prominent Portuguese fort in entire Asia. We had lunch on our way to the fort, you have to keep at least 3 hours in hand for the fort visit, do hire the guide whom you find outside the fort as they explain your everything about the fort. We went to the church nearby and then had an early dinner at the local food stalls, and returned to bus depot to head back home. On this day we had also covered Shell Museum and INS Khukri Memorial

Climatic Conditions :- Mostly hot and humid, would tan for sure, Ain’t a good news

Food:- Prefer sea food more,  as they are fresh and its locally sourced.

Hotel Review

The hotel we stayed was Prince Hotel, which I would not recommend as the service is very slow. It is not clean enoughn also very expensive. The only good thing about it was that all prominent places were near to this hotel, which made it easy for commuting.

Alcohol, just like Goa is quite inexpensive.
The beaches are very clean and so is the city. Unlike goa, you cannot see a prominent Portugal culture here. DIU in a sentence for me would be swaying palm trees and the pristine beauty

Best places to visit in DIU  

Ghogla Beach

Nagoa Beach

Jallandhar Beach

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Diu Fort

Naida Caves

INS Khukri Memorial

Shell Museum

Diu Museum



I have also made an entire highlight of food and the videos that I have taken on here . Do check that out as well.

Let me know if you any questions about this place, would answer all of them.

Hope y'all are also enjoying your summer.


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