by - May 03, 2019

So, this blogpost was not at all planned. I’m going for a getaway over to the beaches to celebrate my birthday next week, Hence I thought of writing a blogpost about the essentials that we need for a beach vacay.

A waterproof big bag:- Please don’t carry your slings or leather bag over to the beach. As slings are just too small to fit in all the essentials that we need. Try big PVC, jute bag, straw bags, pine wood basket bag (as mentoned here) as they are perfect in terms of the material and the size as well.

Sunscreen:- I cannot emphasis enough on this . I know we all need the tan, however without applying a sunscreen more than the tan it is just going to burn your skin

Bikini:- You would be like dudhh, obviously!!! Yes, just thought of stating the obvious

A good book :- There is nothing like reading a good book over beach, Its heaven .

Body and face mist :- With all humidity and heat your face and will get oily, sticky, greasy for that keep mist with you as they will instantly freshen you up.

Hat:- Bucket Hat really trending right now, you can carry them or any of your choice.

For makeup :- Carry a tinted moisturizer or if you a foundation person, a very light foundation, a mascara and a tinted lipbalm or the one I prefer is benetint its amazing and we are sorted. Keep it as natural as possible

Flip Fops:- Flip fops are again one of the essentials that you need for the beach

Sunnies:- Last but not the least, you need sunnies to protect yourself from the scorching heat and they also make for good photos

Well these were my beach essential, do let me know what are yours also If  I have missed anything. I will cover it up in the video I make for beach essentials, so stay tuned
Lots of love to y’all xoxoxoxox


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  1. Omg everything i carry!! Perfect post !!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  3. You're totally right!
    Have a fun birthday and vacay!

  4. Hello,

    So lovely !


  5. I think you covered all the essentials babe. I think I have almost all in my beach bag except the makeup and face mist. Enjoy your beach day beautiful lady.


  6. amazing post, I like to read your blog :)
    Have a nice weekend :)

    do you want to follow each other?

  7. Flips flops, a hat, sunnies, and sunscreen are my beach essentials. I never thought about carrying a big waterproof bag but it makes perfect sense. I need to get myself one of those. This is a great beach essentials list.

    How lovely you're going to celebrate your birthday on a beach. That sounds perfect to me. Happy birthday in advance.

  8. looks good. thanks for sharing

  9. Interesting post!!

  10. Great list! I think I could use it!

  11. Everything from this list is necessary ;)

  12. Such a great post!
    xx- Nina

  13. Visto l'imminente arrivo dell'estate seguirò alla lettera i tuoi consigli

  14. Oh very interesting items darling

  15. Happy birthday
    and enjoy your day at the beach.