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In the month of December, I had visited Kerala, which is where I belong to and where my family lives. As many of y’all might know it’s also called the God s own country.  Its full of greenery, you are surrounded by coconut trees, banana trees, betel nut trees and the list goes on

In Kerala, you will find many places for spices, because of which it’s known as the land of spices. However, when it comes to shopping for bags, clothes, trinkets, home décor there are not much options available. Until recently when we discovered Iringal… God bless the person who came up with the idea of sargaalaya – Kerala Arts and Crafts Village Iringal …. It’s just beyond words. Whenever I go to kerala, I have to visit the sargaalaya or my trip is just incomplete. Its my go to place.

What is sargaalaya – Kerala Arts and Crafts Village Iringal

According to google sargaalaya is

Sargaalaya, the Kerala Arts and Crafts village at Iringal in Kerala is an initiative of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. It is an exclusive place where you can not only pick a product fashioned by the traditional artisans of Kerala but also learn one or two lessons in the subtleties of crafts-making. Conceptualized as a tourist destination, Sargaalaya was developed and implemented on the Responsible Tourism model.
Combining the streams of art and business, the village throws up a comprehensive platform for exhibition, sales and craft-making. The uniqueness of the craft village is that it is the only place where a tourist can witness and learn in person the nuances of crafts-making and skills of the traditional artisans of Kerala

And for me,  its my one stop destination, THE IT PLACE of Kerala. Today I thought of doing an Iringal Haul, things that I purchased this time. People who know me know I am a craver for home décor. My room in Kerala which I share with my sister is full of such things, a highly decorated place.

So today I will showcase all the things I bought during this trip to Iringal. I have not mentioned few things as I will be using them for my next blogs.

This time when we visited Iringal, there was an international fest hosted, because of which the artisans from different parts of the world had come together. An added advantage there as well, you see …

I could not click pictures of this place as our phone batteries died by the time we were done shopping and hogging scrumptious food.

Also have attached few of my photos which were clicked over there. The bum bag which i wore in my HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH blog was bought from here

 I bought this South Indian doll because this doll resembles my amma (mother) a lot.

Whenever you visit Iringal, try visiting during December as there is an international fest hosted, so apart from the items you get there, many more items from different parts of the world are also available.

During the fest they have huge food counters.. Make sure you try payampori and bamboo rice payasam, its scrumptious.

Carry a big tote along with you, make sure you carry water as well. Too much of walking you see.

Keep your phones fully charged, you don t want to miss out of clicking those scenic beautiful views.

This has turned out to be very lengthy and a long post. If I have missed out on something, I will mention or cover in my next Iringal post. Because I’m pretty sure next one will definitely be there.
Do tell me what you think of Iringal, also you can follow me on INSTAGRAM to see more of my travel, lifestyle, shopping haul, food videos and photos…


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  1. Great post! These things are so beautiful! I really like picture with flowers! It is so wonderful!

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  2. Amazing and so interesting. I love learning about new cultures!

  3. It's amazing. I really want know new cultures please!
    I love pictures, the colors,... Wow

  4. Nice post

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  6. This place looks fab hun.


  7. Such a great post!
    xx- Nina

  8. Such an interesting post with so many beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing lovely! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  9. Oh yes my week was pretty nice =)

    Really interesting post =)

  10. These are the best places to go because you get things you just can't get elsewhere. And to know that most are made right there is wonderful.

  11. I think I heard about Kerala being a very green area with lots of vegetation. It is nice you
    went to visit your family, I plan to do the same soon (that is visit my family). This village seems wonderful, it is lovely one can buy original arts and crafts there. The doll you bought looks great. Indeed, Iringal seems like a lovely place to visit. If you're going to blog about it more, I'd love to read it. Have a nice week ahead!

    1. Yes Ivana, its is indeed a very green plantation, you can see rubber, pepper, coconut plantation all around ahhh speaking of all this is just making me homesick, you should be visiting soon as I feel meeting your family is highly therapeutic...

  12. Oh, I'll be it was so much fun to visit. The tea/coffee set is beautiful.
    x, Julie |

  13. So beautiful places Darling!

  14. Such wonderful and interesting places to visit!
    These crafts are so original and unique!

  15. Love all these items you purchased. Would love to visit there someday!

  16. Thanks a lot :D

    super interesting post my friend

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  17. Lovely items, you are so beautiful☺

  18. Las fotos son estupendas! Te veo genial! 💚💚💚


  19. I've never seen anything. Good post!


  20. Wir mag den Blog. können wir Kooperation haben? mehr zu wießen, dann abendkleider billig online kaufen .

  21. I think this place sells items with a unique and good design.

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  22. Thanks to share with us all about this visit
    I love discover new cultures

  23. The tea set is cute and the crafts are pretty.

  24. Sounds wonderful! I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  25. Great post, thank you for sharing! :)
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  26. I love those pieces you shared, they are so beautiful. Kisses!

  27. Great and very interesting post , kiss from italy

  28. Very interesting post- so many orient inspiration

  29. Aww, I love that all these pieces are from your home! Beautiful!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  30. I really like crafts, I think it shows a lot of the culture of a people. Beautiful photos. Have a great day!

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

  31. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!

  32. wow you are so beautiful girl! The pieces you found are so artsy, I would love to go shopping there!

  33. My sister has been talking about Kerala and India and other parts of India after her bestie came home from a cycling trip to India and Kathmandu. If I show her this post about Iringal, she would go crazy hahaha

    Hopefully would get to visit there in the nearest future :)