BLACK is and will always be the new BLACK

by - September 12, 2018

This blog will mark my official entry as a FASHION BLOGGER, this step is truly a big one for me as I am following my passion, doing something that I enjoy, love and something I feel connected and comfortable with.
Since this is my inception into blogging, I thought of starting it with one of my favourite colours and with one of my favourite ways to team a sleeveless shirt. I love wearing the same piece of garment in many different styles. I don't feel there is any harm in repeating your clothes as long as you can style them differently so as to not make it look monotonous or boring.

I have taken a black shirt from my closet, I'm sure everybody has a black shirt, if not, you need one as this is one of the most versatile pieces which can be styled the way you want...

Look 1 - Indian Wear

Here I have paired my sleeveless black shirt with a hot pink patiala and a matching dupatta which looks like a dress set in itself. I wore the sleeveless shirt with the buttons on the back side! :)

Look 2 - Formal or casual

Here, I have tucked the shirt inside my trousers and this goes both as a formal or a  casual look, whichever you prefer.

Look 3 - Bohemian

This one is my favourite! I went a little bohemian by teaming it with a yellow shrug , yellow pom pom sandals and my cute elephant earrings.

Look 4 - Casual

This is all about being playful, fun, cute and just being the chirpy, cheerful you.

Makeup Details:- 

For look 1 and 2, I just went with bushy brows and bare skin

Look 3 and 4 is also without make up, a light sweep of kajal on my lower water line.

Please let me know your feedback and suggestion in the comment section below.

I will be uploading blog every Friday, until next Friday x0x0x0

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  1. Awesome Priya...Good luck with your blog.

  2. Wow this looks beautiful 😊
    All the very best dear for your bright bright future😊

  3. Congratulations and good wishes on uour new endeavour.

  4. All the best for your new endeavour.

  5. Nice......
    Congratulations on your new blog and best wishes for your future in blogging.

  6. Nice start for a beginner. All the best

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  10. Hello,

    Lovely !


  11. Great looks! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!


  12. So beautiful. Love the Indian ethnic wear as it comes in grand and versatile types, and greater color combinations.